The VSCS-I (Very Secure Computer System Mk.I) is a fictional terminal-based home computer system from 1977. The aim of the game is to access all profiles on the machine by exploiting security flaws and making use of in-game journals left by the previous users.

VSCS-I has a main story mode, as well as three challenge packs that can be unlocked after the story is completed. Please note that progress will not be saved if you leave this page. 

Also, be aware that using resources (ex: the internet) outside of the game is not cheating, and is in fact required. 

VSCS-I was developed as a final project for the spring 2020 semester of CPSC 329. 

How to Play

All interactions with the VSCS-I are done via the command line. Type text into the input field in the bottom left of the screen and press enter to submit a command. 

Navigation through the file system is done via the OPEN, LIST, and BACK commands. If you don't know where to start, type HELP, then press enter.


For more detailed help, check the Guide/Walkthrough, which can be downloaded below. VSCS-I can be fully completed without the walkthrough, but one puzzle in particular requires access to a search engine.

Install instructions

Download and run VSCS-I.exe.


VSCS-I Guide and Walkthrough (1.0).pdf 395 kB
VSCS-I Windows (v1.1).zip 34 MB
VSCS-I Mac (v1.1).zip 36 MB
VSCS-I Linux (v1.1).zip 40 MB


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lmao i unlocked ricks account after the first 2 fragments cause i recognized those words

Password guessing is definitely in the spirit of the game, so I was actually hoping someone would do this. Thanks for playing!

This game is absolutely amazing and I LOVED the ending!!! Next April Fools' if the earth still exists I'm totally gonna make my friends play this (or perhaps I'll get impatient and force them to within a week or two XD)
I also love that you provided extra challenges, but I think you may have forgotten a file in level2 of challengepack1? in level1 it gives you binary to convert to unlock the next level, but in level2 it only has the level3 folder and the helpdocs, none of which have what i need to decode in them, just help on how to decode (which obviously doesn't help much if I don't have anything to decode!)
other than that though, WONDERFUL game. fantastic. I cannot stress this enough.


Thanks for the kind words! I checked the files and it looks like I made a typo, so the file you needed just wasn't showing up. It should be fixed now, thanks for letting me know.